We’re here!!!!!!

After what seems like such a long journey, we finally arrived to the study area in the South Atlantic, and began putting instruments in the water on Saturday morning!! We dropped 7 OBS over the side (see earlier post on what an OBS is) and acquired data on them through the night.  Now it is sunrise on Sunday morning and we are already picking these instruments back up, which will take much of our Sunday to complete.  Then we will repeat this process at four more sites to the west of here.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling when the first instrument went in the water.  I was incredibly happy and might have had just a small lump in my throat.  I am for the first time in the position to see the whole process: from when we just talked about the idea, to writing the proposal, receiving community reviews, all of the planning by so many people and different institutions, so much money, work and time.  Now here we are in the middle of the South Atlantic sending instruments to the seafloor 4 km beneath our feet and bringing them back!  This is a thrilling process and so gratifying to be at this point.  I’m very grateful to everyone who got us here and to have such a fun job!

Much, much more to come.

Bobby Reece


2 thoughts on “We’re here!!!!!!

  1. Howdy Bobby, Wow….. Wow….. I imagine it was so exhilarating….. I am glad for you, and for all those who have contributed! Thank you so much for the updates, and for allowing us to share in this most awesome experience!!! God Speed for the entirety of the mission……


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