Crest rest

Alexis here!  Curious what the rooms are like onboard the Langseth?  Here are a few pictures to get the sense of living on a ship.   The 6 student watchstanders share one suite that consists of 4 rooms that open into a shared living space (or as Bobby calls it, “The Snake Pit”).  Each of the rooms sleep two (unless you lucked out with a single room, which Lindsey and I both did because of the men/women ratio for our group) and have a bunk bed, as well as a drawer and closet for each person.  Each pair of bedrooms share one connected bathroom, and since roommates work on different shifts there is not usually a wait to shower before each shift.  Sleep is precious for all crew after working a long shift, and on a constantly rolling and pitching ship it is not always easy to get.  Because of this, it is ship courtesy to grab everything you need from your room before your shift begins, so that your roommate can get a good night’s (or day’s) rest.


Watchstander room


The Snake Pit, complete with 3 arm chairs, table, desk, and windows looking out the starboard side


As for the co-chief scientists? Each get their own suite.  Gail has her own room with a bunk, couch, desk, private bathroom, and windows looking out the starboard side:



And chief scientist Bobby? Well, they really roll out the red carpet.  Check out his spacious living area with couches, table, desk and chair,  TVs, and windows looking out the bow.  His room has a single bed (no bumping your head on the top bunk) and private bathroom.  I’d say this is all motivation for us watchstanders to become chief scientists ourselves!










Thanks for checking in!



2 thoughts on “Crest rest

  1. Hey Alexis, Thanks for the post! And thanks for the tour 🙂 Looks like the quarters or somewhat comfortable…… We have been curious what the living conditions were like, and now we have a better idea….. Thanks!

    And, everyone keep your ears open….. very soon someone will give that long awaited call….. “land ho”


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