The Shellbacks eye land…

Line crossing ceremonies are part and parcel of maritime tradition. Sailors who haven’t crossed the equator are mere Pollywogs and those who have are Shellbacks.  We surely celebrated our new status and our re-entry into the northern hemisphere in style with a special BBQ party on the muster deck!

The guys from the kitchen – Ricky, Eric, and Shep – cooked us an extra special feast!  And we made a homemade cornhole set!

The boards were made out of large, empty peach cans and cardboard from cereal boxes. And we made the beanbags using an old pair of Dave’s jeans and black-eyed peas!


In other exciting news, land ho!   Within hours we will be trading in our sea legs!  “Dock rock” awaits us!




2 thoughts on “The Shellbacks eye land…

  1. “Land ho”……. I can only imagine how sweet that sounds 🙂 Very excited for you all…….

    And the proprietor at the local pub exclaims…….”Avast! the shellbacks are coming!!!”


  2. So here ye are! Here ye are!! Back on Terra Firma! Enjoy your days of island leisure and take lots of photos! I’m so very happy you’ve all made it back without losing anyone to the Merfolk! Welcome Back!


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