Time to head home!

Alas, like all good things, our expedition has come to an end.  It’s been a wonderful experience, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the depths of the Earth from the South Atlantic Ocean.  Hopefully you can tell that we’ve also had a lot of fun.  Our cruise tshirt design below is certainly no exception!  Thanks to Lindsay and Stacey for coming up with the design!


Thanks to all for your support and kind words, and for following our journey.  We’ll close with a special limerick from our very own Stacey Worman.

After much crest jest, 

and a major crest test, 

our beloved crest fest, 

in our cozy crest nest, 

comes to its crest rest.  

We did our crest best!

Signing off until the next one!



3 thoughts on “Time to head home!

  1. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience with this blog! It was well written, informative and entertaining. I teach science courses at the local community college and this was a great way to show my students what can come next!


  2. I’ll take a tee shirt please!! Congratulations on a successful journey! Welcome Back, everyone! Permission to come ashore granted!! Sail On, Mates!


  3. Howdy Bobby, and the rest of the Cresties…… What an awesome voyage and scientific exercise! Well done!

    Very glad that you are all returning, and it is exciting to think about the joyful reunions that await you all! Safe travels, and God speed to all….


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