To boldly shoot seismic where no one has shot seismic before. These are the voyages of the R/V Marcus G. Langseth! We are the science crew aboard the R/V Langseth and this is our blog. CREST is the current mission of the R/V Langseth: to image the longest continuous transect of oceanic crust to date – from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to the Rio Grande Rise (1500 km). This will allow us to analyze oceanic crust from 0 – 70 million years old and provide insight into crustal formation and evolution.

We are a collection of scientists with interest in geophysics and seismology. We come from various research institutions across the United States with different backgrounds and perspectives and this is our collective blog about the voyage.

We begin by boarding the ship at Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands to start our transit to the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean, 31 degrees south of the equator. Once there, we start shooting and collecting seismic data as we head west from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge toward the Rio Grande Rise which is off the east coast of southern Brazil.

If all goes as planned, we will provide you with tales from over 50 days at sea with veteran sailors and first timers. It will be a knowledgeable and entertaining adventure for all of us.


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