The past few days saw us reach 2 huge milestones on our scientific journey. First, on Wednesday we crossed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge! This marks where the South American and African plates are spreading apart. I decided that was the perfect day to distribute  UTIG (University of Texas Institute for Geophysics) t-shirts to the science party. … More Milestones

Multi-Channel Seismic and the Half-Way Mark!

We are now about half way through our expedition.  We are closing in on four weeks out at sea and have just under four weeks remaining before we return to terra firma.  We recently reached the western-most point in our journey and turned around to return east across the study area.  Now it’s time to switch gears in … More Multi-Channel Seismic and the Half-Way Mark!

Operations Update

Today we finished the ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) part of our survey! We carried out 5 profiles, each with 7 OBSs. For every profile we deployed the instruments, traversed back along the profile while the OBSs recorded our sound source, and then recovered the instruments (more on that later). It is very satisfying to have all OBSs back … More Operations Update

Seeing with Sound

Hi there. My name is John Greene. I am a PhD student studying geophysics at Texas A&M, and today I will be telling you all about multibeam bathymetry. Throughout history, water depth has been one of the fundamental measurements taken by vessels at sea. This used to be done with the very tedious method of … More Seeing with Sound

Seismic Equipment: OBS Part 2 – Deployment!

Howdy! Last couple days have been very very exciting for the science crew. We have started deploying the equipment! At the time of writing, we have finished our first OBS transect (deployed, shot the air guns and collected the OBS) and finished deploying the OBS on the second OBS transect. We are now maneuvering the ship … More Seismic Equipment: OBS Part 2 – Deployment!

We’re here!!!!!!

After what seems like such a long journey, we finally arrived to the study area in the South Atlantic, and began putting instruments in the water on Saturday morning!! We dropped 7 OBS over the side (see earlier post on what an OBS is) and acquired data on them through the night.  Now it is … More We’re here!!!!!!

Why we are here

Howdy!  I’m Justin Estep and am just starting as a PhD student at Texas A&M. I’ll be working under Dr. Bobby Reece, our chief scientist for this project. As we transit across the ocean, I want to take the time to explain the scientific questions that act as the motivation behind this expedition. Our objective … More Why we are here