Birthday at sea!

Gail was fortunate enough to have a very special birthday fall in the middle of our expedition.  The science party worked very hard to make her birthday a memorable event!   We wanted to throw a surprise party with a few of Gail’s favorite things, so she had a Star Trek/cat party!  The decorations were … More Birthday at sea!

Multi-Channel Seismic and the Half-Way Mark!

We are now about half way through our expedition.  We are closing in on four weeks out at sea and have just under four weeks remaining before we return to terra firma.  We recently reached the western-most point in our journey and turned around to return east across the study area.  Now it’s time to switch gears in … More Multi-Channel Seismic and the Half-Way Mark!

The Slop Chest

According to Wikipedia’s glossary of nautical terms, a slop chest is ‘A ship’s store of merchandise, such as clothing, tobacco, etc., maintained aboard merchant ships for sale to the crew.’ About once a week Captain Mark opens up the slop chest in case anyone needs an item. All the items fit into one cabinet, but … More The Slop Chest

Operations Update

Today we finished the ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) part of our survey! We carried out 5 profiles, each with 7 OBSs. For every profile we deployed the instruments, traversed back along the profile while the OBSs recorded our sound source, and then recovered the instruments (more on that later). It is very satisfying to have all OBSs back … More Operations Update

Seeing with Sound

Hi there. My name is John Greene. I am a PhD student studying geophysics at Texas A&M, and today I will be telling you all about multibeam bathymetry. Throughout history, water depth has been one of the fundamental measurements taken by vessels at sea. This used to be done with the very tedious method of … More Seeing with Sound

Seasickness and Sunsets

Hello everyone! My name is Clint Koch, and I am a first year PhD student at the University of Arizona. My research involves using reflection seismic data to address interesting tectonic problems. I joined this expedition to gain some experience in acquisition and processing of seismic data. I spent the first couple weeks on the … More Seasickness and Sunsets